​​Young Judaea - Lamah Lo?

Sammy Barlia - co-president

Nissim Roffe - co-president

José Reyes

Shaare Zedeck is a Conservative, traditionalist synagogue, holding religious Services every Monday, Thursday and Rosh Chodesh, all festivals including  Chol Hamoed, Minor Festivals and High Holidays, and Shabbat.

Join us in our beatiful Beit Kneset for a traditional and meaningful experience.

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Our Team - Tzevet


Our Isidore Topp Religious School offers programs for children in grades PK through 7th. 

Hebrew School

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Shul Staff

David Solomiany - Baal T'filah

Blanquita Goldikener - Gabai

Israel Zaidspiner - Chevrah Kadisha

For over 40 years, the JCC has had a partnership with Young Judaea, Camp Judaea and Camp Tel Yehuda to provide its youth with exciting opportunities of Jewish and Zionist education.
Through our club’s monthly activities, children connect to Israel and to Jewish values through experiential non formal education, while teens take their first steps into the exciting world of Jewish Leadership.
Year after year, our kids are returning participants in Camp Judaea (Hendersonville, NC), Tel Yehuda (Barryville, NY), Machon and YJ Year course (Israel), while holding our own mid-winter camp in Puerto Rico.
All this create lifelong memories and relations, reason why we claim Young Judaea of PR has a starring role in our community’s success in building Jewish identity!

Our fully stocked Kosher Store offers a variety of products like  meat, poultry, cold cuts and much more. We also carry a wide variety of Passover products. 

Our calendar is full with  events for the benefit and joy of all our members.  From holiday- related activities - like Hanukkah and Purim parties -  to cultural and social events, members of all ages have many opportunities to engage, enjoy and learn.  

Hebrew School Staff

Elianne Lewy - Chairperson- Hebrew 

Jana Serber - Jewish Holidays and Traditions 

Caroline Roffe  -  Intorductory Hebrew and Holidays

Gena Faigenblat - PK/K Judaic Studies Program

Israel Holcman - History / Zionism/ Middle EastCurrent Events

Saul Kleiman - History / Zionism/ Middle East Current Events

Diego Mendelbaum - Bar/Bat Mitzvah / T'filah/Life Cycle

Young Judaea PR

Lamah Lo?

Kosher Store
Laura Mendelbaum
 Hebrew School Director & JCC Administrator
Diego Mendelbaum
Religious Leader & ​Community Director